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6th January 2017
Dear George
We have really enjoyed this beautiful house. It was my surprise 60th destination and couldn't wish for more.
The views were magnificent and the sound of the ocean wonderful.
Best wishes to the next holiday makers. It was all the small details that made the holidays.
We will be back!
Jenni, Ron Sharon and Brent (Melbourne)
3rd January 2017
Dear George
Thanks for a lovely stay in your beautiful home. We particularly loved the neighbor (Koala) body boards, spa bath, well-stocked cupboard and divine view.
Best wishes to you & all who stay in your house in 2017!
Adam& Hanah (Melbourne) Andrew & Amy (Sydney)
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20th December 2016
Dear George
We enjoyed our stay here in Apollo Bay!
Loved the view and the comfort of your home. Great location to explore the Otways. Recommend to those whom have children to book the zip-line!
The kids loved seeing a koala in the trees of your garden. Definite highlight!
We hope to return again here one day.
warm regards Family Von Hoegen
Burgwedel Germany
24th December 2016
Amazing place, feel like I should move from Tokyo and establish a remote office Here! Fantastic!
Andrew & Shiom
Tokyo Japan
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10th December 2016
Dear George
What a lovely home! We had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful views and open ? Your communication made us feel at ease and welcome! We will definitely recommend anyone that may come this way!
Elis, Raqi, Merisa & Wyhe

15th December 2016
Fabulous place! Come visit us in North Carolina. We have some great museums and galleries so bring your art!!


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Dear George
This is a very lovely place to stay!
Thank you for providing such good accommodation! We are definitely coming back here!


8th December 2016
Dear George
This is a very special place. We will definitely come back. We are from Macao and we will surely recommend our friends to come.
P.S Would be great if you add curtains to the living room!!
Best Emil

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23rd November 2016
Lovely comfortable house.
Thank you George for your kind hospitality!

Doreen, Ross, Pete & Wendy

25th November 2016
Dear George
Place is AMAZING! We absolutely love this place. The scenery is phenomenal and so close to Apollo Bay, would definitely stay here again :) Thanks for having us,
Ty, Adriana, Rick, Adrienne
QLD Brisbane

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22nd November 2016
Dearest George
It was such a wonderful stay here at your place, I have brought my friends James and Vanessa are from the UK and they are delighted to see a koala in the tree out the front. I am fantasizing about coming here for a month to write my next book. I've just released book1 (November Fox) and am planing to do book 2 in 2017 in one month focused session. I love how you have decorated the lace and the view & vibe is so tranquil. Having all the cooking tools you could need was perfect, & the beer at the local beer place was great!
Many again & I look forward to coming here again from Melbourne either for a short or long stay in the future.
10 stars! Thank you
Ester (& James & Vanessa U.K)
P.S The stairwell is my favorite place of the house Very Classy!

25th November 2016
Dear George
Thank you for offering us such wonderful accommodation in this corner of paradise. The scenery from this house is so picturesque and breath-taking. The house itself is spacious, comfortable and equipped with all the necessary amenities one can think of on strip away from home. You have made our stay the utmost enjoyable experience here at Apollo Bay.
We would highly recommend anyone here without hesitations!

Lots of love
Tim, Maggie Max, Yan
(Wagga Wagga NSM)

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11th November 2016
Thanks for a fabulous stay - wish it could have been longer
Nikky, Becky, Sally & Ben

18th November 2016
We had an awesome stay!
Beautiful house
Wish we could have stayed longer- we are on our way to Sydney now.
Take care Elzan & Friends

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Guest review-nov-16

Guest review November 2016

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10th November 2016
We absolutely loved our stay at your place! We were greeted by the cutest Koala when we arrived! Your place felt so welcoming. We wish we could stay much longer and just sit back & enjoy the views.
Thanks so much!
Dan, Armando,Brent & James
Austin TX USA
8th November 2016
Thanks for the wonderful stay! My parents really like your apartment. Really beautiful house! Awesome view!
SX, mom & Dad
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6th November 2016
Dear George
How much for the house?
Thank you for everything it was like being at home with much better appliances and an okay view. Seriously, though we had an incredible time and will be back if you'll have us.
X Michelle & Andrew
Port Melbourne

1st November 2016
Dear George
We spent a wonderful night! The house is very comfortable and so lovely. What a view!
We had a great time here and will be back as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot
Kind regards
Florence & Frank & Mathis

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26th October 2016
George-my husband and I are here from Colorado U.S.A. I emailed my sister in Montana U.S.A. to say I had died and gone to heaven- That I was in a home (filmed at times in Hollywood) on the deck, looking over the ocean, seeing Magpies, Cockatoos, Parrots, & Kookaburras visit us - up close & personal - drinking wine with our hosts Carmel & Geoff from Melbourne0 & listening through your stereo system to my favourite George Harrison.
Such a beautiful home and view.
Thank you for lending it out on Airbnb.

10th October 2016
Thank you George
We have stayed in so many holiday homes in Australia but none would surpass Apollos View. All of the elements for a relaxing stress free holiday are here: Great location, outstanding views, fully equipped kitchen, comfy beds & well appointed bathrooms.
One our second day we had winds & rain but we were perfectly satisfied to sit inside the warm house and watch the bad weather.
A special treat Chris's restaurant up the hill!
Many thanks
The Majors & Hagens
Adelaide Hills & Minnesota USA
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30th October 2016
Hi George We had a lovely stay thanks.
Beautiful location & house.

Leonie & Crew!

16th October 2016
Dear George
We definitely would come back in summer again
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14h October 2016
Thank you George
What a beautiful place you have. hope to be back soon.
Paige and Tom
15th October 2016
I stayed at the house with my friends. We had a good time here. Next time I will go back with my friends. Thank you very much.
Hope: Happy for everyday
Liv Hong Zhou
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7th October 2016
It's such a beautiful house, we really enjoy being here. Thanks!
23rd September 2016
We had a wonderful stay we'll be back!
Thank you
Mark & Marie
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2nd August 2016
Thank you George for our wonderful stay at your house. The house & surrounds provided everything we were looking for. To be honest it exceeded our expectations. We are leaving today wishing we were staying another night or two. I can't thank you enough for all your communication & the ease at which I made the booking. I will definitely be back & already am looking forward to returning to this spectacular house.
Karina Kemf
Brisbane Aust

19th September 2016
Thanks so much for letting us stay at your amazing house.
The view was incredible it was very relaxing, quite and tranquil here.
The place exceeded our expectations, it was perfect!!
The beach view was out of this world! we would love to stay again-thanks so much!

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23rd August 2016
Thank you George

Thank you for a lovely stay!!
Great view and very relaxing

Lydia (ACT)

14th September 2016
It was so lovely
Thank you George
Georgina Jorge and Nicholas
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2nd August 2016
George- your lovely home provided the perfect environment to unwind & soak up the beauty of the beautiful ocean road.
I will definitely be back.
Very thoughtful layout & especially love the look and feel of nature surrounding this place.
Maggie De Bono
Brisbane Australia
4th July 2016
Dear George
Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful home!
It was the relaxing evening that we needed (wish it was longer!) to help us recharge the batteries for the stress of daily life.
Fire with that view, don't think it gets much better Thanks Jo & Leigh Hayley
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8th July 2016
Dear George
We had a wonderful stay in your gorgeous house. A great mid-week escape!
Thank you for all the extra touches which made it so comfortable.
Best wishes
The Wilson Family :)
18th July 2016
George! Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us. We loved the kitchen and living room and of course the view.
Cheers from southern California connate.
Kristin and Kat from England
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8th May 2016
A nice stay Thank you very much. Fantastic amenities.


16th May 2016
We love this place! so looking forward to coming back.
Well done with the place, George!
Love Pei San & Katie
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13th June 2016
Hi George
Another great stay at wonderful Apollos View. Such great spot and awesome house. One of our favorite stays in Victoria. Remember us if you ever decide to sell :)

Jeff & Shelaine

29th June 2016
Dearest George
What a blessing to stay in Apollos View!
The view is stunning beyond words. and the apartment such good condition just beautiful.
Cant wait to share with friends back home that if they ever come to GOR, must stay at Apollos View! Super good
We love everything about this place. And the Koala stays right outside the unit.
Thank you so much for putting us in the lovely apartment!
With a thankful David, Denise,Damon R
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2nd July 2016
Dear George
Your house and this location far exceeded our high expectations. After being in Sydney and Melbourne it was the perfect tranquil setting for our first night on the Great Ocen Road adventure
Ella,Tom, Liz & Shawn

30th May 2016
Thanks George for letting us stain your beautiful house! WHAT A VIEW!!! Thanks for putting our bin out! Great girls weekend away & and our gay boy!
Hope to be back again in the warmer months! See you again soon! LOVE YOU LOTS
Lisa Keely Molly & Troy! XX
Echuca/Bannaloo/Kyabram Bendigo, Vic

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10th April 2016
Hi George
Another lovely visit - 3rd one! Weather held for us so we could admire the fantastic views. Visit made special by being the Koala in the tree at the driveway and having a Kookaburra on the decking to greet us in the morning.
Hopefully see you in November for another visit with more U.K family.
Many thanks
Linda and David Melbourne Dorothy and Lindsay Bradford U.K

25th April 2016
Many thanks George,
Very happy with our long weekend break at Apollos View.
Such a beautiful house in a beautiful setting.
Cressida Craig & Joey
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25th April 2016
Exactly the right ingredients for a wonderful stay (too brief!)
Enhanced by the moon reflected in the dark sea and watching the dawn break over the bay.
Especially enjoyed the artworks.
Back to the UK tomorrow with regrets!
Thank you very much
15th April 2016
Hi George
Great place with amazing views & so quite & tranquil.
Loved this place & see you soon again!
Best regards Aaron & Mandy
Melbourne Vic
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1st April 2016
To George,
Thank you for the wonderful stay in your beautiful beach house, it was truly a delight. Such a delight, that we will gift you with an acrostic poem.
Postcard - picturesque views.
One-Made food with great facilities.
Light and airy.
Lofty in the treetops.
Of course we will come again!
Saw saline + Surfers.
  Very Cosy.
It was very quite.
Every artwork is exceptional.
Whistle, as clean as a.
Many thanks The Mac Donalds clan

12th March 2016
Gracious George

You have accommodated us with some thoughtful requirements "Much Appreciated"
This house with its "Wonderful Views"
"Tasteful Decor"
Immense Appeal"
Tranquil settings" and "Serine surroundings"
A big thank you, Absolutely loved "this long weekend" staying at this amazing house.

Regards Paul, Anne, Alishia & Nicholas
Melb Victoria

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25th March 2016
Dear George,
Thank you for letting us stay at this outstanding place, Serah and I felt very welcoming. This place was absolutely to die for.
A big thank you once again.
Moey. B. Khalil & Serah Serah

6th March 2016
Thank you for the beautiful stay in your home. What beautiful views & sounds we got to enjoy over the weekend. Such a great experience to add to our travels.
Your home should be blessed with only good things!
Joel & Hanna
Cheeky & Rainy
New York

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10th February 2016
Absolutely Stunning!
Such a relaxing stay with a beautiful view.
Welcomed by the Koala in the Tree in the driveway, Kookaburras & cockatoos on the balcony. Great experience for the in-laws from Italy!
The house is just Beautiful. We will be back!
Thank you for allowing us to stay!

The Galli Family

12th February 2016
We are here second time in your beautiful house with another overseas visitors form Poland.
Thank you again for lettings us stay here and enjoy awesome ocean view from the balcony; our visitors loved the birds, peaceful surroundings and the house.
We had fantastic weather and they said that they are so happy to miss half of the winter in Europe and have 2 summers in the same year!
All the best!
From Sabina & Andy / Adelaide
Rome & Radeh / Poland

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28th January 2016
The views are amazing, relaxing on the deck, time on the beach. Your home is so relaxing and spacious. We are from New Zealand and have spent time with our daughter who lives in Melbourne. A rest and time to enjoy the tranquility of this lovely area. We are sitting on the beach today…..only a few people walking by, very special
Di Saivier

14th February 2016
A perfect home for our first visit to the Great Ocean Road. We had everything we wanted plus beautiful views of the ocean where we can swim - Thank you
Jane & Mary
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Dear George
Thank you for letting us stay in this amazing house! We loved every bit of it!
P.S we love the koala!
From the Yanevski Family

19th January 2016
Dear George
This place is wonderful. We really enjoyed :) the amenities were great
Reetu, Poona, Kartik

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19th January 2016
Thank you for allowing us to holiday in Apollo View. The home is lovely and we enjoyed our stay
Claudio, Kirby, Annalyse, Evangeline & Boston








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